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We are AID Furniture and we are engaged in the production of modern furniture

Without a large initial capital and with little experience, two young men founded the trade “AID Barić” in 2003. After all the obstacles, ups and downs, they started a small industry – the production of custom-made furniture with only 5 employees. By investing in technology and expanding the market throughout Croatia and beyond, the number of workers is growing and small businesses are becoming a serious and reliable furniture manufacturer.

11 years later, the business grows into the company Oprema Barić d.o.o. – competitive production of furniture on the domestic and foreign markets. With modern technology and high-quality materials, 22 employees bring the end product to excellence. In the market we are becoming recognizable by the quality of manufactured furniture.

In addition to a quality product, a key element of business is the way of selling. We put active listening to the customer in the first place and respecting his wishes, with suggestions and recommendations, we always come to positive collaborations. Our primary goal is to create a functional, unique and quality product. In order to reach the ideal design solution, we create a 3D display in which we show the customer the ideas and ideas of furniture design transferred to his space.

Nowadays it is not easy to create and be an entrepreneur, it takes a lot of effort and work, but we are aware of its quality. Our business is primarily a challenge that always pushes us further and the biggest reward is our satisfied customers.

We know how to make furniture that you will enjoy

Numerous projects and years of experience are behind us. Taught by this we want you to enjoy your furniture.

About manufacturing and assembly process

The making process begins with your contact. After that we go out to measure and agree. The third step is sketching the furniture, and you get a 3D view of your furniture after confirming the sketch and offer. When you are satisfied with the 3D view, we move on to the creation. When the furniture is finished, in agreement with you, we come to assemble.

Do we charge for installation?

We do not charge for delivery and installation within 100 km.

We do not charge for delivery and installation within 100 km.

Of course, we give you a 10 year warranty. Enough, isn't it?

Where is our store?

The store is located at 64 Ivana Gundulića Street in Đurđenovac, where you can see exhibits.

With design and functionality we

create value for objects

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Why choose AID Furniture?

Modern manufacturing technology

Our furniture is made with modern technology following the trends and wishes of customers.

Staff training

We regularly invest in the education of our employees with the aim of improving production and sales.

2D i 3D disply

Before making the furniture, we create a 2D and 3D display of the finished product, in order to show the customer the appearance of the furniture as faithfully as possible at the end.

Paying in installments

We allow customers to pay in installments

Delivery and installation

Each of our customers has guaranteed delivery and installation.

Quality materials and devices

We use only the highest quality materials and modern devices from world-famous brands like Bosch, Gorenje, Blanco etc.